Whaty Are The Google Adwords; Google Adwords are the advertisements displayed at the top and down the right hand side of the search results page on Google. If set up correctly Adwords can drive high quality, highly targeted traffic through to your website.

What We Can Do For You; After you become a client one of our specialists will contact you in order to set up and then manage a group of highly relevant advertisements targeted to your keywords and phrases. We will then constantly monitor your campaign’s alongside top level account manager’s at Google making sure that you’re benefiting from the highest possible CTR (click through rates) at the lowest possible CPC (cost per click). We always keep our clients up to speed with daily statistical updates and reports every fortnight that show the progress that you’re making.

Management Fees: We operate a sliding scale of fees that go as low as 5%.

$100 = 15% fee
$250 = 12.5% fee
$500 = 10% fee
$1,000 = 7.5% fee
$5,000 = 5% fee

How To Signup for Adwords Service;   Please Contact Us for further information.